Spatially Resolved Transport

Schematic of the strain-mismatch model for phonon scattering across semi-coherent interfaces
Strain Mismatch Model schematic. Black (White) contours illustrate contours of constant compression (tension).

During the course of my PhD, I developed an open-source software package called SpaRTaNS to perform spatially-resolved transport by solving the steady-state Boltzmann transport equation in three real-space and three momentum-space dimensions.

SpaRTaNS is “carrier-agnostic” with applications in phonon (heat) transport (e.g thermal interface resistance of semi-coherent interfaces), as-well as electron (charge) transport (e.g the importance of microscopic interactions in electron hydrodynamic flows). SpaRTaNS can be run on anything from a laptop to high-performance computing systems, and provides a flexible API for specifying custom boundary conditions, collision operators, geometries, state spaces, and more.