Generative Art

Bloom Strange Attractor
Nonlinear Strange Attractor with 5-fold symmetry (see [1])

Together with some friends from the department, I’ve been teaching a generative art workshop during MIT’s Independent Activity Period (IAP) for the past 4 years. IAP 2022 will be the fifth iteration of the workshop (previously taught in 2017 and 2018 with Emma Vargo, 2020 with Amina Matt, Jovana and Nina Andrejevic, and 2021 with Jovana and Nina).

The 4-day workshop walks through python and Wolfram Language notebooks, covering the following broad topics:

  • Geometric Fractals & L-Systems
  • Strange Attractor & Wallpaper Groups
  • Cellular Automata & Discrete Physical Systems
  • Continuous Physical Systems & Reaction-Diffusion Systems

You can find the notebooks in the git repository, and a gallery from the 2020 workshop here.